Your best antidote for stress is…

Your best antidote for stress is an open heart.

I am often asked if meditation can help you manage stress. And I answer a resounding ‘yes’.

How does meditation help reduce stress? External circumstances trigger physical, emotional and mental stress reactions within us. In meditation we look inside to calm the waves so we can respond rather than react to life.

Meditation works at multiple levels. Firstly, it helps you become more aware of your thoughts (and negative thinking patterns). Secondly, meditation trains you how to let go at a physical, emotional and mental level. The third and most profound way meditation (using specific techniques) can help you reduce stress is by helping you open your heart.

Maybe it doesn’t seem like the most obvious link, but opening your heart to love is the best medicine to reduce stress.

15 years ago, such talk would have made me shudder. I thought talking freely about love, compassion and forgiveness was slightly ridiculous.   Such talk was for flower children and hippies, not for corporate folks like me!

But after years of practising this myself, and seeing the impact it has on my students, I am completely sold on the concept.

This article in Huffington post  explains the concept well. They cite numerous benefits of becoming more loving. Interestingly the top 3 benefits of ‘expanding your capacity to love’ include improved self esteem, decreased stress and lower anxiety.

If you want to discover the benefits of opening your heart firsthand, then join us for the 1 Day Workshop on Saturday 10 June: Expand your capacity to love.


PS. If you would like to know about how meditation can help you lead a more love-filled life, but want to talk privately, then contact me on or 078 2333 5833. It is always my pleasure to discuss the benefits of meditation.


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