Success Through Stillness is a proven 5 step approach that shows you how to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles by doing less and being more.

Success Through Stillness has helped more than 1500 people to overcome:

  • Relationship problems
  • Sleep problems
  • Health problems
  • Stress and feeling burned out
  • Lack of success and underperformance
  • Lack of happiness and fulfillment

If you haven’t already done so, take step 1 on your meditation journey by downloading your Free Guided Meditation (fill in the form on your right).

Continue your journey by taking Step 2: building the foundations. If during meditation you have wondered ‘am I doing this right’, then this is the next step for you. Step 2 is about building your knowledge and experience so you can easily bring meditation into your life. At this step I recommend registering for:

  • a taster session (if you can attend in person)
  • or downloading the peaceful sleep system (especially if you have problems sleeping)

If you are ready for a deeper experience then I recommend the Thailand Meditation Retreat.

The only way to experience the benefits of meditation is to learn the techniques properly and practise regularly, so get started today… IF NOT NOW – WHEN?

Click the links in the table below for details and to register for all 3 events (use promotional code ‘yogashow’ for discounts).  But do act now, to take advantage of the Yoga Show Specials, as the promotions end on 7 November.

Yoga Show Special Prices:

Regular Price Yoga Show Special
(24-26 Oct)
Yoga Show Special
(until 7 Nov)
Peaceful Sleep System £59.95 £39.95 (save 33%) £49.95 (save 17%)
Thailand Meditation Retreat £1,490 £1,025 (save 31%) £1,190 (save 20%)
Taster Session (2 London locations) £30 £10 (save 67% off) £15 (save 50%)

For details and to register, click the above links. Use promotional code ‘yogashow’ to receive your discounted price.

Thailand retreat: you only need to make a £225 deposit to hold your place.

For details on all events click here.