Why Meditate Every Day?

Finding peace within every day will bring you more happiness

We all know that meditation is a hot topic these days. I wouldn’t have imagined years ago that the stars and corporate moguls of today would be singing the praises of meditation.

I recently read the article below about David Lynch’s (a famous writer and director) meditation experiences. I especially like his comment that True happiness is not “out there”; true happiness lies within”.

It seems to me that we all know this to be true, yet it is easy to lose sight of it in our daily lives. We seem to ‘get busy’ and forget to appreciate, allow and access the happiness within. It is easy to get absorbed in daily life, and more often than not, our connection to the sacredness within us is buried and forgotten.

For me, this is a motivating factor to meditate every day. It is much easier to connect to, and remember these truths, this sense of real happiness, when you take a step back from your day to actually experience it. When you connect to your own inner stillness regularly, these truths become so very obvious. And when you allow yourself the time to experience the stillness, the peace, the glowing warmth of happiness within you… you naturally begin to live (internally and externally) in alignment with those feelings.

Now, I know many of you say that you find it hard to make time to meditate every day. For the first number of years I meditated 3 to 4 times per week, and this made a huge impact in my life. That being said, when I decided to meditate every day, the positive impact increased exponentially. The key is to decide to make it a priority – and then somehow it will happen every day.

To learn more about David Lynch’s meditation practise, click here.

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