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Now seems to be a good time for me to talk about the subject of reducing stress and finding inner peace. I had a major computer meltdown recently, giving me the opportunity to practise the techniques I teach… allot.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can always find your way back to your inner stillness. Once you are aware of the stillness within, you just need to train yourself how to access it regularly.

The only way to become aware of the stillness again is through experiencing it. You must take the time to step back and find out what it feels like for you. Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take anyone else’s word for it. This is something that you must experience it yourself.

The webinar ‘Connect to your stillness’ will guide you on how to do this. So just sit back and relax and follow the guided meditation.


PS. If you want to experience your stillness at a deeper level, you can join my next Foundations Class on 8 June in London. Click here for details and to register: Foundations Class on 8 June: Connect to your stillness (£15 taster session).

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