Walk Calmly Through The Chaos Around You (Webinar tonight)

Webinar Tonight: Reduce stress, find your inner peace

Every day, we all feel bombarded by external pressures and receive a vast amount of information (often with mixed messages). It is easy to get confused about what you want in life and what you should be doing to make the most impact. In fact, it becomes easy to forget who you really are.

Of course, at a deeper level, you know you are a being of peace, wisdom and love. But when you get caught up in the madness around you, that sense of peacefulness is easily lost.

But what if you could walk calmly through the chaos around you?

When you are able to ‘Connect to Your Stillness’, whatever the external situation is, it is like being at the eye of the storm. Once you learn how to tap into your stillness – to remember its presence within you and to feel its power – you begin to feel more centred and better able to respond to whatever is in front of you.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that challenges will stop coming your way. What I am saying, is that you will be better prepared to deal with those challenges. And you will be happier with yourself for responding in a way that truly reflects ‘Who You Really Are’.

This is the topic at this weeks Free Meditation Webinar. At the webinar I will introduce you to step 4 (of my 5 step programme) which is all about Connecting To Your Stillness.

There are a number of techniques I teach to help you reach this ‘connection within’, and I will introduce one of those techniqes on the webinar. You will get the opportunity to experience the impact of this techniques during live Guided Meditation.

Register for the Webinar tonight, Tuesday 17 May (7:15pm GMT): Connection to your stillness.

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