In Thailand – Retreat Starts in 2 Days



Nai Yang beach – Thailand

A preview to the Thailand retreat that starts on 15 February.  Preparations are still taking place but I am making time to swim on the wonderful beaches and eat the amazing cuisine of Thailand.  Below is a photo of the Nai Yang beach – a quieter area of Phuket Island.  This is where we will enjoy early morning meditations!

With jet lag kicking in I have had plenty of opportunity to use my Sleep System methods.  I was up for over 30 hours (about 1 hour of rest on the plane) and then slept for 13 hours straight.  I never do that!!!  I wasnt able to sleep much on the plane as it was extremely noisy, but I was able to meditate for at least 2 hours.  Therefore, it felt like I did sleep, which helped me tremendously!

Anna, one of my students, also felt the same.  ‘Thank goodness for meditation’ she adds 🙂

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