Congratulations on taking a first step to a more resilient you

It was great to share the power of meditation with you at the Chartered Management Institute(CMI) webinar.

Your Reflection Worksheet will help you re-connect to your meditation experience. Most importantly, it will help you develop ideas on how to bring meditation into your life so you can cultivate new habits that enhance your life.

In Your Reflection Worksheet you will find:
  • A meditation exercise (video) to help you ‘slow down’
  • A guided meditation (audio) so you can practise meditation on your own
  • A worksheet so you can develop your individual action plan on how to cultivate new habits specific to your current circumstances.
Remember, Minutes can make a difference! 3 x ten minute sessions per week is all you need!
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Continuing Your Journey: Success Through Stillness in 5 Simple Steps

Feel meditation would help, but you’re not sure where or how to start?  Many clients found it helpful to have a quick conversation to get ideas on what would work best for them.  Just send me an email ( and we can arrange a time to chat.