Peaceful Sleep System

Finally – a simple and proven system that is GUARANTEED to help you get a deep and peaceful sleep, so you can feel refreshed every morning and live your life fully again (or your money back)!

Have you ever hit the pillow feeling shattered, but for some reason cant get to sleep?  Or do you fall asleep easily but wake up in the middle of the night?  Or maybe you just wake up feeling worn out rather than rejuvenated in the morning?

When you struggle with sleep, it affects every aspect of your life, including:

  • Your career
  • Your health
  • Your emotional balance, and
  • Your relationships

Imagine how you would feel if you could fall asleep with a peaceful mind and wake up feeling refreshed every day… and imagine the positive energy you could give to your performance at work, in your social life, to your health and to your loved ones.

Reaping the benefits of meditation is easy but it does take practise, patience and commitment.  Once you commit to the Peaceful Sleep Meditation System you will experience a lasting transformation in your quality of sleep and your every aspect of your life.

This is a Proven Non-Religious Meditation System that has been tested and refined by people just like you who were struggling with sleep due to their stressful and busy lifestyle. Here are some of the results from a Trial we ran with this product – users experienced the following results after using the System for every day for just 1 week:

  • 80% reported improvement in ‘time to fall asleep’ (67% experiencing a significant improvement)
  • 93% reported improvement in ‘quality of sleep’ (86% experiencing a significant improvement)
  • 100% reported experiencing a deeper sleep (86% experiencing a significant improvement)


Why Listen To Me?

As an ex-corporate professional, I understand what it is like to have a very demanding job and busy lifestyle.  And like you, I know what it is like to be desperate for a decent nights sleep!  In fact, at one point I had to see a sleep doctor because I was suffering with sleep problems so badly.  

So, I know how a lack of sleep can negatively impact every aspect of your life.  I know what it is like to worry about performing at your ‘best’ for a  ‘big presentation’ or ‘an important meeting’, or how a lack of sleep can strain your relationship because your partner cant sleep beside you, and how you are easily frustrated by everyone and everything during the day because you are exhausted.

I began meditating to deal with stress and gain more balance in my life.  But to my surprise, I saw VAST improvement in the quality of my sleep too.  To this day, even nights where I get less sleep than I would like, I wake up feeling much more refreshed so I am ready to face any challenges during my day.

And that is why I created this system – because I know meditation can help you too!

What This System IS and IS NOT

I want to emphasise that this is a ‘Proven’, Unique and Comprehensive System.  AND it is a Lifetime System.

This is NOT a ‘one off meditation’ that will help you relax for ‘a moment’ – there are a lot of free downloads on the internet for that!  To be honest, I am not interested in helping you relax for a moment – but I am very interested in helping you experience a lasting transformation in your quality of sleep and your life!

So the Purpose of this system is simple.  It is a comprehensive system – that gives you an approach to meditation as well as providing you with specific meditation techniques and support tools that will kick-start you to experiencing a lifetime of deep and rejuvenating sleep.

In Using This System You Will Discover:

  • How to release your day with meditation so you feel the tension and resistance in your mind and body melt away.  This will allow you to ground yourself fully in the present moment (rather than thinking about what happened at work today or worrying about tomorrow) so you can be relaxed be at ease as you fall to sleep.
  • Simple meditation techniques that raise your emotional state to ‘feeling great’ so that you drift off to sleep full of happy, peaceful and loving feelings
  • How in just 21 days you can transform your sleep by using a few simple but effective exercises to slow your body down naturally.
  • How to avoid making the 3 most common mistakes made by most meditators.


How Is This Peaceful Sleep System Unique?

This is NOT a ‘Quick Fix’ approach to meditation – because that just won’t give you the long term results you are looking for!  Instead, this is a lifetime system that offers you:

  • Guided Meditations specifically designed for sleep. Each track is a unique blend using specific meditation techniques and musical tones and frequencies to trigger emotional states that prepare your mind and body for a deep and rejuvenating sleep.
  • A Comprehensive System including a 21 day support programme.  Your first 21 days are a key time for you to develop ‘the habit’. During this time I will be here to guide and support you with daily tips, tools and exercises to ensure you are progressing.  You will discover an approach to meditation with clear instructions so you build solid foundations for a lifetime of practise.
  • A Flexible and Adaptable system – which is key for busy people to see results and keep motivated!  You are introduced to a variety meditations, tips and tools so you can choose what resonates most with you and go at your own pace. Meditations are various lengths (13-22 minutes) so you can progress naturally as you build your practise.
  • Results Guaranteed.  I am so confident in this system that I guarantee your money back within 90 days of purchase if you don’t experience an improvement in your sleep.

What’s Included In The Peaceful Sleep System:

  • 6 Guided Meditations specifically designed to improve your sleep – VALUE £50
  • 21 Day Support Programme – VALUE £35
    – Daily emails with tips, tools and exercises to support your practice and give you ideas on how to
    – 21 Days of ongoing support and guidance from me. I will be here to answer any questions you have
  • Clear Instructions in both audio and in written formats so you are confident you are ‘doing it right’ from day 1 and getting the best value from the system – VALUE £5     
  • Bonus 1: Weekly Top Tips sent every Tuesday morning to help you widen your knowledge. VALUE £5
  • Bonus 2: 20% Discount on a meditation course or day event, so you can deepen your experience and expand the benefits you have seen in your sleep into all areas of your life – VALUE £35
  • Bonus 3: Extra ‘surprise bonuses’ during your 21 day support programme (including a bonus audio track) – VALUE £20

Total value = £150.00, you pay JUST £59.95 (saving 60%)

*To receive the guarantee: you must have practised for at least one guided meditation session per day for 21 consecutive days



What Others Are Saying:

Here are just two comments I received from users on the One Week Trial Programme – Imagine How you will feel after using the System for 21 Days!

“Julie has changed my life. I used this sleep system during a very stressful period of time and I really noticed a difference as I progressed during the week. The programme wasn’t invasive and I fitted around my busy schedule quite easily. I felt a lot more confident afterwards and it didn’t just help my sleep but integrated into my day to day being! I used to have awful sleep and have been attending a Sleep Clinic but have noted a vast improvement in quality and duration since I started meditation.”

“I Loved the sleep system. I generally fall asleep with the tv on, so it was different to try meditation before bed. I’m glad I did …. my sleep was a lot deeper and I found the week so relaxing as I meditated every night, and even repeated some meditations during the day. As a result, I’ve been so much more effective at work; happier, calmer, and feeling more in control. It was strange not using a guided meditation the day after the trial finished. I missed it and definitely noticed a difference in my sleep quality. I would highly recommend Julie and the sleep trial – its worked wonders for me…. and I plan to continue my night time meditations.”

Order Your Peaceful Sleep System Now and you will immediately receive a link to download the guided meditations and get your welcome pack…. so you can be on your way to a Peaceful Sleep TONIGHT.


*To receive the guarantee: you must have practised for at least one guided meditation session per day for 21 consecutive days.