Thailand Meditation Retreat

Phuket, Thailand Sunday 15-20 February, 2015

Retreat Theme: Chakra Meditation – the full experience

This retreat is all about tuning into your mind and body, to regain your natural balance.  You will discover powerful meditations to open and balance your energy centres (chakras).  Creating flow and releasing blockages in your energy system will lead you to improved emotional balance, health and an overall state of wellbeing.

You will feel at ease within yourself during the retreat and leave feeling lighter (like you have left all your worries behind).  And the best news is that you will have more tools to help you to continue to feel this way when you return home!

Why You Need To Be Here:

Take the opportunity to experience your optimal flow and enhance your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing using the proven technique of Chakra Meditation.

Balancing your Chakras through meditation will help you to release accumulated stress, emotional issues and mental blockages leading to:

  • Improved health in areas such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, digestion, immune system, posture, migraines, and more;
  • Unblocking emotional issues that can help you to improve relationships, manage anger better and provide more clarity in life;
  • Increased energy levels, focus, creativity, productivity and fulfilment in life;
  • Attain ‘optimal flow’ so you can experience your peak performance with the least effort. 

What You Will Discover:

You will discover how to identify specific chakra points that are weak or out of balance. Then you experience first-hand techniques and tools that allow you to gently open the flow of energy at the points that are weak for you.

I assure you that these are simple but powerful techniques that you can do by training your mind to tune-in to your body in a whole new way.

Over the 5 days you will explore powerful meditations and exercises including:

  • Meditations to scan each chakra point and identify which of your chakra points are weak or unbalanced.
  • Sound meditations – using Tibetan singing bowls and drums, recorded music and sound that is created from within you (by chanting)
  • Meditations to help you open the channel from your root to your third eye to improve energy flow throughout your entire body.
  • Outdoor meditations – a wonderful experience to help you incorporate meditation into your daily life and one of the best ways to connect to your lower chakra points!
  • The opportunity to explore various tools such as essential oils, crystals and colours to enhance your meditations
  • Visualisations that can be used to open and balance your chakras. 

The Location:

The Thanyapura Mind Centre in Phuket, Thailand is a 23-hectare luxury lifestyle resort, set amid the tropical rainforests and mountains of a national park, and is just 15 minutes from the best beaches on Phuket Island and the International Airport.  The perfect place for a 5 Day Meditation Retreat.

The centre has everything you need and is secluded enough that you can dive deep into meditation.  However, it is also close to local towns, amenities and beaches so you can enjoy all that Phuket has to offer.  This gives you the flexibility to experience the balance you need and go at your own pace.

Click here to find out more about the mind centre  Mind Centre, and click here to see photos of the rooms available to you Accommodation Photos


Pricing & Details:

Thailand Retreat Pricing
  Twin Share Single Room

  • 5 nights’ accommodation (4 stars)
£450 £600

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner each day
£250 £250
Group Meditation Sessions

  • 4 hours teaching, guided meditation, questions/sharing per day
  • 2 hours optional meditation sessions each day
£600 £600
Access to Wellness Facilities

  • Access to fitness centre, athletic tracks & outdoor pool (Olympic level sports centre)
£60 £60
Extra Facilities

  • Wireless access throughout the venue and hotel
  • Transfers to sports clubs
  • Onsite retail shop and library
£40 £40
Bonus: Two Guided Meditations

  • Mp3 Audios to support you after the retreat
£15.95 £15.95
Total Value £1,416 £1,566
Registered Members save 34-38%  £875 £1025


*Premium Package (Only £99 Extra) for those wanting even more relaxation and rejuvenation:

  • 1 – 75 minute massage during your stay
  • 1 – 60 minute private meditation session with Julie
  • Set of Chakra Crystals (you can choose from a few types to make it personal to you)
  • Access to sauna, steam room and  Jacuzzi during your stay

About Julie

Who better to learn from than an ex-corporate professional! Someone who has been where you are now and knows firsthand the stresses and struggles of working in a corporate environment and living in a busy city. I first experienced the transformation that meditation brings to life while working in the corporate world, and I can help you to experience that same transformation.

Julie, founder of Nature Meditations, is an accredited meditation teacher (Complementary Medical Association). Julie has extensive training in both traditional and modern meditation methods and has practised all over the world, including Nepal, India, Thailand, Canada, Italy and the UK. She has a comprehensive background in Meditation techniques including Anapanasiti, Shamatha, Vipassana, Mindfulness and Chakra meditations. In May she attended a Retreat at the Holy Isle in Scotland lead by Alan Wallace. Under Alan’s guidance she experienced some of her most profound insight and deep meditation. She has helped over 1300 people discover meditation, and with over 20-years corporate management experience, she understands the stresses of living a fast-paced lifestyle in a busy city.