Previous Meditation Retreats

Windsor Retreat, 4-6 November 2016

The perfect location for a weekend retreat.  Close to London, magnificent gardens, lovely food and a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere for a meditation retreat






Thailand Meditation Retreat on 15-19 February, 2015

Experience Your Ultimate Health and Well-being (open and balance your Chakras)

If you want to experience meditation at a deeper level in a luxurious and peaceful setting – where you can truly get away from the distractions of life, then join us in Thailand from 15-19 February in Phuket Thailand.

Windsor Retreat August 2013

Here’s what some previous Retreat clients have to say:

Before I went on Julie’s 2 day retreat I was stressed about all the things I had on my “to do” list and let them constantly occupy my thoughts.  This stopped me from fully enjoying my daily life and anything that added to my list seemed a big problem.  After taking 2 days out with Julie to sit and allow the space for my mind to quieten through the various meditation techniques I experienced, I felt the anxiety waning and my “problems” came back into proportion.  As a result I’m calmer and have the clarity to take action rather than get caught up in all those random thoughts invading my mind!  Thanks Julie!
Gillian Fox

I finished work on Friday afternoon feeling anxious and stressed, extremely ready for, looking forward to, and yet a tiny bit apprehensive of the weekend ahead. Arriving at the retreat location in Dorset, I immediately felt a sense of peace. As the weekend progressed I began to feel so much more relaxed and happy and by Sunday afternoon I felt like a different person.  I hadn’t realised quite how tense I had been and I left with a feeling of tranquility that lasted into my working week.  I would recommend one of Julie’s meditation retreats to anyone who needs time to themselves and wants to restore balance and a feeling of calm into their lives.
Emma Hawkins

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