Recording of the Taster Session

A ‘Taster’ of the Taster Session


I hold meditation sessions in London designed specifically for meditators at the beginning of their journey.  Classes are perfect for you if:

  • You are completely new to meditation
  • You have been practising meditation regularly for less than one year
  • You have not practiced meditation consistently for more than a 6 month period (even if you have been practising for years)

A few weeks ago I invited you to a Taster Session to give you the opportunity to ‘try out’ the beginner’s classes before committing to joining as a member.

Today, I want to share a guided meditation from the February class.   This class focused on Step 1 of the 5 steps, Letting Go Physically. We talked about how you can use your mind to bring your body to a deeply relaxed state, and then we experienced this through 2 guided meditations.

I have included a brief (1.5 minutes) introduction to the meditation as well as 1 of the guided meditations. Take a listen and see if you can feel deep relaxation flowing through your body. Literally, you can experience your body slowing down as it responds to your mind. Why not give it a try?

Click here for the Class Recording & Guided Meditation



PS – Would you would like to join the class on 9 March (£15 Taster session)? Click here for all the details and book your ‘Taster Session’ (for just £15).

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