Pregnancy Meditation

Can Meditation Help You Get Pregnant?

 Pregnancy Meditation

Did you know that high stress levels can negatively impact a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant?

I didn’t, but I have been working with more and more women who are turning to meditation to de-stress in order to improve their chances of pregnancy.

I recently came upon this article by a women trying to conceive.  I thought this article could be very helpful, especially if you are new to meditation or are a bit sceptical of how it works.  She writes about the ‘logic’ of meditation, which may be meaningful to a number of you.

Most of the meditation techniques she describes are visualisations, but other forms of meditation have proven to be highly beneficial in becoming pregnant.  Meditation can help you to ‘let go’ both at a physical and emotional level.  There are even specific pregnancy meditations that you can use to improve your chances of conceiving.

Many of the women I have worked with are desperate to conceive, and it’s this desperation that is the real blocker.  So if you or someone you know, is trying to conceive, then maybe its time for you to give meditation a try.

Click here to read the article ‘Trying to conceive: meditation for fertility’   This article is a good first step towards using pregnancy meditations.


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