Meditation, the Practice of Patience

Patience – A Key Concept of Meditation.


Patience is one of the key concepts practised in meditation.  There is nothing worse than getting frustrated or scolding yourself when you are trying to meditate.  It is important to ‘gently’ bring yourself back to the object of meditation.  Be easy on yourself and remember your mind will naturally wander.  However, it is up to you to discipline your mind – be patient but persistent in bringing your mind back to focus on the object of meditation.

Try practising patience in everyday life as well.  Purposely make a point to stop rushing around, talking fast, walking fast and thinking fast.  Patience does not make you slow – it allows you to do the right things better, in a more focused manner.  You will do what is needed easily and quickly without over doing it.  Then you will not waste time on the unimportant.  This will save you both time and energy.  Give it a try…. start practising patience now.


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