Feeling ‘Stuck’? Experience Your Power to Forgive…


Power to Forgive – Feeling ‘Stuck’? Experience Your Power to Forgive

Before I start to write about forgiveness, I want to make a very important point. Forgiveness is NOT about approving of, disregarding or making excuses for bad behaviour. It is not about dismissing your own feelings. Forgiveness is about breaking down the barriers you have built around your heart and discovering your capacity for love. It allows you (and others) to be set free from suffering. It is about releasing the past so you can be in the present. After all, what you do in the present is creating your future. Do you really want bitterness and resentment to drive your future?

I too have felt angry at times, and wanted to punish others for deeply hurting me. However, when I looked closely at the situation, I realised that I was the one ‘recreating the story over and over’ in my mind. It was a foolish game of self-punishment. I was hurting myself in the present because someone hurt me in the past.

You can never experience real joy as long as you are hanging onto bitterness from the past.

Often, when you feel ‘stuck’ in life, there is more forgiving to do. When you have feelings of regret, hurt, anger, blame, resentment or guilt, you are hanging onto something in your past. Forgiveness is your way forward.

In meditation, the process begins by forgiving ourselves and then extending forgiveness to others.

The only way to release the past is to be willing to forgive. Even when you don’t think you can forgive or feel you don’t know how to forgive. You only need to start with the willingness to forgive. You only need to forgive as much as you can in this moment and the healing will begin.

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