Overcome Negative Thinking With Meditation

How Can You Overcome Negative Thinking?

overcome negative thinking

Simply… Start By Affirming Your Way To Happiness

Lets start with answering ‘What is an affirmation?’.  Affirmations are consciously created statements or thoughts. Whether you know it or not, you are using affirmations all the time.  Every word and thought you use is creating your life experience.

Research has shown that we have approximately 51,000 thoughts a day, and most are “sub-conscious” thoughts, meaning they are below our conscious awareness level.  Does it surprise you to know that about 80% of those thoughts are negative?

Why use affirmations?  Affirmations allow you to steer your attention towards what you do want (happiness, abundance, love, etc) rather than what you fear. Right now… in this very moment you can choose to change your thinking.  If you choose positive thoughts consistently you will begin to feel a change within and soon you will find every aspect of your life responding to your positive thoughts.

Lets start simply… overcome negative thinking right now!

Next week I will share with you how you can use affirmations in meditation to overcome negative thinking, but you can start by changing your thoughts right now.

You can use the following phrases, or come up with your own.  Pick one or two statements that resonate with you, and simply repeat the statement in your mind (or out loud) 5 – 10 times.  It is important that you don’t just say the words but ‘feel’ the meaning of the words as you say them.  Almost like you are feel the words traveling through and emanating from your body.

  • I move past obstacles smoothly and with ease
  • My mind is clear focused and effective
  • I love and accept myself
  • All that I seek is already within me
  • Love is abundant in my life
  • I know exactly what to do

Now… how do you feel?

Stay tuned as next week I will reveal how to defeat negative thoughts (down to the root) by using affirmations in meditation.

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