Our Unique Approach

Success Through Stillness is a unique and simple approach that helps you realise success in all areas of your life including your relationships, health, sleep, career, prosperity and much more.

The guiding principle behind the Success Through Stillness approach is remaining centred at the heart of the storm.

The heart of a storm is calm, clear and still – a place of peace. Yet the heart is also the vortex of the storm where the most powerful energy arises. It is only the surrounding space that is in chaos and causes massive destruction.

I liken this to life. We all have days when we feel we are being mercilessly thrown about by the chaos around us. This is when we are living life ‘caught up in the storm’.

Through the art of meditation you train your mind to become more aware of when you get ‘caught up’ in the storm and how to bring yourself back to your centre – the place within you where yourmost dynamic, pure and powerful energy can emerge.

When you gain access to this ‘quiet’ space within and remain grounded you are able to respond rather than react to life and your path to success naturally opens up.

Our Unique Programmes

All of my teachings are based on the Success Through Stillness approach and I use the 5 concepts of meditation to implement this approach.

Because of my background in a busy corporate world, I can relate to my client’s hectic lives. I have developed Non-Religious Meditation programmes, such as the Peaceful Sleep System and the 5 Step Programme, specifically to meet your needs and to help guide you along your meditation journey.

As you move through these programmes you will experience a continuous transformation, where you are endlessly developing, growing and improving your life. Soon you will naturallyintegrate the five core concepts of meditation into your daily life, you and find yourself remaining centred at the heart of the storm with grace and ease.