Open Eyes Meditation

How To Meditate With Your Eyes Open

open eyes meditation

You can begin your session with your eyes open or closed.  If you are used to meditating with your eyes closed I would follow the steps below as this will help you with the transition.

There are various forms of open eyes meditation.  Some teachings suggest the use of a specific object like a flower or a candle.  I will share the method that Alan Wallace has taught me in relation to Samatha practise.

I also urge you to keep with the practice of open eyes meditation for some time so you can ‘get the hang of it’.  It took me at least 6 sessions to find my way with this method.  Give it a try and see how you feel.

The Open Eyes Meditation Technique:

Begin your session as you normally do with your eyes closed.

After a little while, when you feel like you have really arrived in the state of non-distraction.  If you have attended my classes, this is what I term your ‘hovering point’ – where your mind and body are relaxed but keenly alert.

Then, gently open your eyes. Gaze vacantly into the space in front of you.  Continue to focus your mind on the object of meditation (for example, your breath).

As best you can allow the mind to remain like a cloudless sky that is clear and empty.  If thoughts or other distractions arise, simply acknowledge them and take your mind back to the object of meditation.

Continue to practise as normal.  At the end of your meditation, take note on how this experience of open eyes meditation is different to closed eyes meditation.  Try the method at least 6 times.  Persist but with as much ease as possible.

Until next week… happy meditating!

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