Where Do You Start?

Success Through Stillness is a proven 5 step approach that shows you how to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles by doing less and being more.
I have created programmes that specifically target some of the most common problems people experience. Success Through Stillness has helped more than 1500 people to overcome:

  • Relationship problems
  • Sleep problems
  • Health problems
  • Stress and feeling burned out
  • Lack of success and underperformance
  • Lack of happiness and fulfilment

You can delve into each of these areas by following the 5 stepping stones below. Success Through Stillness will lead you through five simple but powerful steps to achieve complete and lasting change in your life.

Stepping Stones Actions to take
1. Start right now Download Free Guided Meditation (on this website)
2. Build the foundations Attend a Webinar
3. Develop the habit Become a Member
4. Expand your wisdom Become an Advanced Member
5. Transform your life Attend 1 Day Events or Retreats

The 5 Stepping Stones in Detail:

  1. Start Right Now. It is important that you start right now,before you get ‘too busy’. Just download the Free Guided Meditation now. Ask yourself – If not now, when?
  2. Build the foundations. The next step is about understanding how meditation works and learning meditation properly with guidance from an experienced teacher. If you are asking yourself while meditating ‘am I doing this right’, this is where you need to start.
  3. Develop the habit. At this step you will begin to experience success by practising regularly. Success doesn’t come overnight – practising regularly in a group (or privately) will help you build meditation into your life.
  4. Expand your wisdom. At this step you will begin toexpand the benefits of meditation into many areas of your life – and you will feel the difference. It is a good idea to expand your knowledge and experiment with new techniques and more challenging emotions.
  5. Transform your life. At step 5, students’ meditation will naturally deepen. You will be surprised at how the training will naturally flow into your day and your growth brings transformation into all areas of your life. Even at this stage (I include myself here) it is important to have mentors and experience ongoing growth through expert guidance & support.