Group Sessions – The 5 Step Programme

Why Do I Recommend ‘Face to Face’ Sessions?

‘Face to Face’ sessions (group or private) are the best way to learn meditation properly and maintain a consistent practise. Unlike audio programmes or books, it gives you the opportunity to interact, ask questions, share experiences and get the ‘personal guidance’ you need to experience deeper meditation and push yourself to the next level. Also, committing to a group to practise regularly is a great motivator!

Ultimately, my clients find that ‘Face to Face’ sessions lead them to their most powerful experiences, which in turn helps them to improve their lives.

The 5 Step Programme

The 5 Step programme is based on the Success Through Stillness approach and the 5 concepts of meditation.

It provides a clear path for you based on your current level of experience and knowledge. Following this programme ensures an easy and natural progression and deeper levels of enrichment as you move through each step.

Commitment with flexibility is the key to success and that is just what this programme offers you. You will discover that dedicating yourself to regular classes will profoundly influence your mindset and impact your life in a positive way.

Classes are unique because each class follows a theme. Topics include managing stress, banishing worry, improving focus, transforming negative thinking, finding your purpose, managing conflict, building confidence… and much more.

Use the following table as a guideline to identify the best place for you to start based on your current level of knowledge and experience.

Class Type Recommended Level of Experience For Details and to Register
Step 1 Discovery Session None – limited Discovery Session Details
Step 2 Weekly Classes (4, 10 or 20 passes) Limited – advanced Blackfriars/St. Pauls Location – 7:15pm TuesdaysSt Johns Wood Location – 6:15pm Wednesdays
Step 3 1 Day Events/Retreats Limited – advanced Details – All Events
Step 4 Advanced Class Upper Intermediate – advanced Advanced Class Details
Step 5 Weekend Retreats Novice – advanced Details – All Events

* Experience Levels:

  • None: no experience
  • Limited: have attended some classes or have some knowledge
  • Novice: have taken a minimum of 4 classes and practicing regularly for 1 month
  • Intermediate: regularly practiced for at least a 4 month period (even if some time ago)
  • Upper Intermediate: have been regularly practicing for the last 8 months
  • Advanced: have been regularly practicing for the last 18 months or more