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The classes are both therapeutic and enjoyable. I would recommend them to anyone who finds their lives stressful and wants to do something positive about it.  I am feeling much happier and more relaxed about life than when I first came a year and a half ago. 

Great introduction to meditation by a passionate and experienced tutor. Would recommend to people looking to find out more about the benefits of meditation and learn a variety of meditation techniques. Just what I needed to kick-start my meditation practice. Thanks Julie!
Emma M

I have found the classes very relaxing and therapeutic. Julie is a great teacher with this almost visible aura of calmness. I have learned some breathing and relaxing techniques that I can use every day now to find a balance in this busy world. I recommend the classes to anyone who would like to experience something new and make their life less stressful. 

Julie is an inspired and friendly teacher. The four week classes covered a range of meditation tools and tips and were really easy to follow. Each week different methods were explored with two types of meditations at each session. It’s left me in the habit of regular practice and definitely feeling more relaxed.  Would highly recommend the four week course.  

Julie is a lovely person, always in communication by email and very helpful person. Great environment, location in Covent Garden is great. Convenient timing as well for working individuals to attend. Really interesting experience and a nice end to a hard working day. Really recommend it.  

I was new to meditation and a bit hesitant about the whole thing! A friend had recommended Julie and I am so very glad she did. I was surprised to find that I can quite my mind! It has helped me relax more. I have even found my sleep to be much better. 

I have found both Julie as a teacher and her Meditation Class to be a very healing and empowering experience. Opening up my inner space has charged me with energy and focus to look at my life as a whole and how to change it and I suddenly have the courage to move forward in all areas on my life. It’s been amazing in a short space of time and I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels stuck or unsure of what they want and how to get it. 

Julie has a fantastic way of explaining meditation and what it’s all about, without making you feel silly or that you can’t possibly do it. I felt completely at ease and was really interested to hear how meditation had helped her. There were two meditation sessions broken up in-between with a stress tip, with the second being more in-depth. I’ve honestly never felt so clear and able!  
Anonymous Online Review

The sessions don’t make you feel silly for “thinking”. Julie explains that you just need to train your mind to be aware of those thoughts but not indulge them. As someone with a very busy and distracted mind, those sessions really helped me on my way to clearing out all the stress and feeling clear.  
Anonymous Online Review