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Experience a Lasting Transformation

A Taster Session is now available – see details at bottom of the page (only 4 more spaces available)


The Meditation membership package will give you the opportunity to experience a lasting transformation, by helping you build a consistent and in depth meditation practise…. and you will have lots of fun along the way.

You will discover my proven Success Through Stillness approach to meditation that can help with:

  • Stress and burnout
  • Sleep problems
  • Health problems
  • Relationship problems
  • Lack of success (including improved clarity and focus)
  • Lack of happiness and fulfilment

Who is membership for?

These classes are designed for meditators at the beginning of their journey.  Specifically if:

  • You are completely new to meditation
  • You have been practising meditation regularly for less than one year
  • You have not practiced meditation consistently for more than a 6 month period (even if you have been practising for years)

This programme will ‘set you up for success’ by showing you how to integrate simple meditation techniques into your daily life so that you continue to experience the positive impact of meditation on a long term basis. You will undergo a lasting transformation and learn techniques specific to managing stress.

Why a Monthly Meeting and Why Cant I Drop In?

A genuine commitment to meditation is required to experience a lasting transformation.  Commitment with flexibility is the key to success and that is just what this programme offers you.  Specifically:

  • Statistics show that students get the Best Results using this format.  I have gathered statistics from 5 years of classes, and students have been most successful under this format.  They attend class more often, they build strong relationships with other members and they practise regularly on their own.  This format seems to strike a balance between commitment and flexibility.
  • You commit to an achievable goal. If you don’t make a commitment it is unlikely your meditation practise will grow.  Although drop in classes are flexible, most people don’t go enough to see long term results.  On the opposite side, some people start off by overcommitting (ie. practising daily or even weekly in a group) but end up feeling like a failure when they don’t reach their target.  Committing to a monthly class again strikes a good balance.
  • Other Meditation Tools provide ongoing support. You receive resources and tools so you can practise in a group setting and on your own throughout the month.  I provide guided meditations, a recording of the group class, weekly meditation tips and access to the monthly live webinar (as well as its replay for an unlimited time).  This ensures you build a well-rounded practise.
  • Support from a likeminded group.  Being a member gives you the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions and deepen your meditation in an uplifting and positive environment.  You will be surrounded by people, who like you, are ready for a lasting transformation.

Whats included:

The Membership package offers Great Value, and includes:

  • 6 classes over a period of 6 months. Each 90 minute session includes:
    • 2 Guided Meditations
    • Discussion of meditation principles
    • Time for questions and sharing
  • 6 Class Recordings.
    • Each session is recorded so you can listen to it later or catch up if you miss a session.
  • 6 webinars hosted monthly.
    • You can choose to listen live or playback a recording, allowing you to ‘top up’ your practise.  You will have access to the webinar recordings for the duration of your membership.

NOTE: Only 12 spaces available due to room size

When and where:

When: Starting 10 February, 2016.  Thereafter on the second Wednesday of every month starting at 7:15pm

Where: Violet Hill Studios: 6 Violet Hill, London NW8 9EB, Stations: St. Johns Wood, Jubilee (8 min) or Maida Vale, Bakerloo (4 min)

Cost: £125 for 6 months

Please note that these classes are for meditators at the beginning of their journey.  If you have been practicing for more than 1 year (regularly), then please go to

Taster Session Details.

A number of you have asked if you can ‘try out’ the classes before committing to membership.  I see your point… it makes sense to give you the opportunity to see if my Success Through Stillness approach to meditation resonates with you before you commit to the programme.

I am happy for you to pay £15 for one class session and if it resonates with you, you can then commit to coming regularly.  Sound fair?

You can choose to come on Wednesday 10 February or Wednesday 9 March – and if it makes it easier you can bring a friend for just £10 extra.

Please note:

  • £15 includes the class session on 10 February (or 9 march).  The class recordings, webinar replay and guided meditations are only included with the membership package.
  • Spaces are limited (only 4 spaces are left)

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