Mindfulness For Control Freaks

The Art of Allowing – Mindfulness for control freaks

Mindfulness for control freaks

In my classes I talk about the 5 concepts of meditation.  One of the concepts is about ‘allowing’ or put in another way, accepting things just as they are.

If you have practiced Mindfulness, you know this is a key concept for meditation.  In mindfulness you learn to accept what you are experiencing rather than resisting it.  You observe your experiences in a detached way rather than labeling it as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ – it simply just ‘is’.

You also recognise that all things are impermanent. This allows you to stop clinging to pleasant experiences or pushing away unpleasant experiences, and instead you just acknowledge and allow what ‘is’.

Like all meditation practises, this helps us in our daily lives.  You start to realise how much energy and effort you spend on trying to change things.  Or maybe you are trying to ‘fix’ someone.

If you apply the concept of ‘allowing’ to your life, you will be more at ease and happier.  When you are able to appreciate people and things just as they are, it means you become more accepting of them, and as such and work with them with more ease, rather than trying to force them to change.

I don’t mean you become a doormat.  I simply mean you approach life with more ease. Instead of spending your energy on resistance, you spend it on finding common ground and solutions.

If this seems applicable to you, then watch your inbox next week as I will be sharing and exercise on ‘Allowing’.

Until next week…. Practice Mindfulness for Control Freaks



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