Meditation Webinars Replay (available until 1 May)

Success Through Stillness… Free Meditation Webinars Available Until 1 May

Over the past four months, I have been hosting regular meditation webinars to help people kick-start their meditation practise. People have been able to sample 4 different meditation techniques covering 4 very different topics.

It was a bit of a test to see how people experienced meditation in a webinar format. I believe interaction is a key element of learning meditation properly. People don’t learn best by being ‘talked at’. They learn best through experiencing the art of meditation and then sharing and asking questions about what they experienced. Webinars allow you to do both.

I am really pleased to say that I have had great feedback on the webinar format from a wide range of people including new students at a beginner level, as well as my advanced members.

So far we have journeyed through steps 1 – 3 of the 5 steps on the Success Through Stillness approach to meditation.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience the webinars yet, you can watch the replays on my youtube channel. All 4 webinars will be free for you to view until 1 May. Click here to watch any of the four meditation webinars – free to view until 1 May.

Although a webinar will never quite be the same as attending in person, it is a great way to access group meditation, especially if you are unable to travel to London. We have had people attending from all over the globe including the USA and South America. No more excuses… meditation is accessible to you in the comfort of your own home.

PS. If you want to experience a ‘live’ webinar and take the opportunity to ask questions, you can register for the next webinar on Tuesday 17 May. The topic will be about connecting to your own inner stillness. This is a wonderful way to reduce stress and access a sense of peace within. Click here for details and to register: Meditation Webinar on 17 May.

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