Meditation to Declutter Your Mind


Success Through Stillness… Clearing the Clutter in Your Mind

Last week I touched on the topic of Calming Your Overactive Mind and how meditation is not about forcing your mind to ‘shut off’, but rather remaining still and allowing your mind to gradually (and eventually) come to an equilibrium.

After meditation often people feel a great sense of clarity and ease. This happens for many reasons. The important thing is to remember that you don’t have ‘try and make it happen’. You simply need to allow it to happen. In fact, as with life in general, in meditation the more you let go the more you will receive from it.

All my teachings are based on my Success Through Stillness approach to meditation. My approach takes you through 5 simple steps to help you move from a place where you feel disconnected and blocked (a fear mindset) to a place where you feel happier, healthier and more balanced (a success mindset based in ‘lovingness’).

Learning how to Declutter Your Overactive Mind (with ease rather than force), is the third step I teach on my 5 step programme. At each step, I teach a number of techniques to help you master that specific step. Over the next few weeks I will teach 3 different techniques related to “Step 3: Declutter Your Mind”.

It is important that you try each of the techniques and then pick the techniques that resonate with you the most to practise on your own. Each individual will experience each technique differently, so it is essential for you to trust your gut on which techniques suit you best at this time. Remember that only you know what is best for you.

I will be teaching the first of the three techniques in tomorrow’s Free Meditation webinar. So if you want to discover How to Declutter Your Mind, register here: Free Meditation Webinar on Tuesday 19 April at 7:15pm – How to Declutter Your Mind

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