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Use Your Commute Wisely 


Does that image make you feel relaxed?  I bet NOT!  But there is good news….

The benefits of meditation are wide ranging and are experienced over time. By no means is this a “quick fix” program!  However, there are a number of techniques that can be practiced throughout the day and in moments where you experience stress, pressure and anxiety.

Commuting is a perfect opportunity to practice such techniques.  Meditation on the go is possible for anyone who commutes regularly.  Whenever you find yourself feeling agitated or annoyed during your commute – step back from the detail of your annoyance and step into the landscape of your mind.  Visualisation is a simple and easy method to transform your emotions.  Choose to use the power of your mind to step into a situation that rejuvenates and uplifts your spirit.

Try taking a hot air balloon ride which could help you gain a new perspective on things; walk through a forest to feel nurtured and secure; or watch a gentle flowing river that carries your worries and fears downstream.  Give it a try!  Remember – only you can choose your thoughts, so choose something positive to revitalize your day!

Want to Try Meditation on the Go?  Here’s a Guided Meditation to help you.

I know sometimes it is hard to get started on your own, so I have recorded a number of guided meditation audios to help you out.  You can start right now by going to my website and downloading a free guided meditation – just click here and fill in your details to get immediate access to your first guided meditation.  If you enjoy that one then email me on to order some more.

Audios are perfect for your commute to work – so get started today.

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