Meditation in Business?

Meditation in Business – how can it help you ask?

meditation to get hired

Many businesses are embracing the benefits of meditation for their senior executives and staff alike.  So we know meditation in business can be extremely helpful.  But did you know it can also help you get hired?

Tell Stories – Get Hired, a New Book by Daisy Wright

I have been extremely lucky to work with Daisy Wright, a Career Counsellor based in Toronto, Canada.  I am contributor to her wonderful new book titled “Tell Stories – Get Hired”, which gives you innovative strategies to help you land your next job.

The chapter I wrote is about how to manage conflict in the workplace, based on the concepts of meditation.  Yes, meditation in business works in many ways.

Check out all the details here at Daisy’s website  or find it on amazon by clicking here  Amazon link to book

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