Meditation To Help You Feel Connected To Nature

Meditating Outdoors

I know it may seem an unlikely thing to say at this time of year, but meditating outdoors is an excellent way to balance your root chakra and help you to connect with nature.

This time of year it can be a bit chilly to sit still so why not try a walking meditation?  If you have been to my classes you know it took me years to ‘connect’ with this type of meditation, but it can be a wonderful and powerful experience.

I know a number of my students purposely walk through a park on their way to work now so that they can experience walking meditation in nature.  We are blessed with many parks in London and the UK in general – so why not give it try.

And for those of you that are joining me in Thailand – we will soon be meditating on a beach beside the sea.  An opportunity we will all have in a few months here in the UK.

Want to Experience Outdoor Meditation Yourself? 

Join me for the next 1 Day Peaceful Sleep & Stress Reduction Event in St. Johns Wood on Sunday 12 April, 2015.

On the day, you will experience group meditation outdoors.  This will include walking meditation and other meditations in nature to help you connect to nature and heighten your awareness.

You will undergo a lasting transformation and learn techniques specific to managing stress and improve your sleep.

As a subscriber you receive 20% off paying only £175 (for a value of £220).  For all the details and to register for the 1 Day Event just click this link. 1 Day Peaceful Sleep & Stress Reduction Event Remember, you only need to make a £95 deposit to hold your space.

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