Meditation for Business

Meditation for Business – Really… does it work?

Meditation for Business

I attended the EQ Summit (The Leaders Mind and Its Potential) at the Park Plaza in London on 20 March, 2015.

I was impressed not only by the turnout (my guess is 350 people) but also by the level of interest by the audience in the subject of emotional intelligence and its link to meditation.

The event was geared specifically to corporate executives and HR leaders (which was reflected in ticket prices).  The discussions focused around what really drives human performance, how to best cultivate leaders and exploring ideas on how to accelerate human potential at all levels of the organisation.  This was then linked to driving a firms competitive advantage.

Alan Wallace – speaking on Emotional Intelligence

Alans talk focused on cultivating 4 types of intelligence: conative intelligence (aligning desire with genuine wellbeing), attentional intelligence (non-distraction, essentially the practise of Shamatha), cognitive intelligence (mindfulness) and emotional intelligence.  The key is to achieve a balance of all 4 levels of intelligence to allow genuine happiness, thus the greatest human potential to emerge.

Allan of course is known worldwide  as an authority on the practise of Mindfulness and other Meditation techniques.  He is the perfect person to address how meditation for business can be helpful for both the business and its employees wellbeing.

In fact, the first day was a dedicated workshop for Meditation for Business, which was led by Alan, helping to demonstrate his points through ‘experience’ of the practice rather than just theory.

It was a fascinating event and I think just what the corporate world needs to hear at this time.  Meditation for Business really does produce results.  Lets hope they embrace some of these concepts going forward.

To learn more about Alan Wallace and his work click here – Alan Wallace

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