Anger, Depression, Anxiety – Try Meditation

Struggle with Anger, Depression or Anxiety – Try Meditation


Balancing Emotions is key to your happiness and success.  We all have a different definition for what ‘balancing emotions’ means.  It could be that you are dealing with depression, anger or anxiousness.  The topic is to wide to address in one go, but one of the key aspects of balancing your emotions is to get comfortable with how you feel.  Whether that emotion is positive or negative – stopping the resistance to it is a powerful healing tool.

We all tend to have a very low tolerance for discomfort.  We try to rid ourselves of what we consider ‘negative’ by ignoring, concealing or repressing our emotions which only leads to internal punishment, pain or even outbursts of anger – exactly what we were trying to avoid in the first place.

Ask yourself – Is there anything inherently wrong with a negative feeling – or is the problem that we never identify and honour the negative feelings we have?  Instead of trying to eliminate the anger or negativity, try to stay with the discomfort.  Understand it, sit with it, and know it.  When we stay with the discomfort we begin to transmute the pain, allow internal growth and break harmful patterns.

Meditation is your support in learning how to open up to your discomforts.  Use it as a tool to access the voice and wisdom from within you.  Stop hiding from yourself and your anger within!  When you see yourself honestly and clearly you will like more of what your see and dissolve your deepest fears.

In meditation – come as you are!  There may be ‘rocky’ periods as you learn to face what is inside, but it will be immensely rewarding and nourishing in the end.

I will soon be holding a 1 day event on Cultivating Emotional Balance which deals with this topic.  For more details contact me on with the subject heading ‘interest in EB’

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