Meditation Exercise: Releasing Resistance

A Meditation Exercise For You: Releasing Resistance

Meditation Exercise

Last week I wrote about the concept of ‘allowing’ in meditation, and how this concept is key in your every day life.

When I first learned of this concept and tried to bring it into my daily life, I sometimes confused ‘allowing’ with being a doormat.  So I want to stress the difference to you here.  When I talk of ‘allowing’ in everyday life, I simply mean you approach life with more ease. Instead of spending your energy on resisting ‘what is’, you spend it on finding common ground and solutions.

You will find that when you appreciate people and things just as they are, you naturally become more accepting of them, rather than trying to force them to change.

Below is a simple meditation exercise to help you practice the concept of allowing.  The more you practice, the more it will begin to naturally flow into other aspects of your life.

Meditation Exercise: 

The trigger: An Irritating noise.

The Practise: The next time you hear an irritating noise do an internal experiment.

Notice where the irritation is really coming from.  Is the frustration really coming from that external source or is the agitation within you? Dont pretend it is ‘ok’, instead just sit quietly and be aware of and monitor your internal senses.

As you do this, begin to recognise the noise in more detail.  See it as simply a noise that arises, remains for a time, and then falls away.  There is nothing to resist, as eventually it will fade away on its own.

Notice how it sometimes merges with other noises and how it varies in its intensity.  Allow yourself to become one with the noise.  To be in touch with it without any resistance.  Just sit for a few minutes being very aware of all you hear.  Relaxing and breathing.

At the end of the meditation exercise, ask yourself again “Where was the irritation really coming from?” What is it I am really resisting?  Reflect for a time on these questions.



Until next week…. Happy Meditating,

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