Meditation Exercise – How to practice in your day

How Can You Sprinkle Meditation Into Your Day?

meditation exercise

Last week I gave you an exercise on how to sprinkle meditation exercises into your day, in particular, how to meditate during your commute.  My teacher Alan Wallace, calls it ‘seasoning your day’ with meditation, and I like those terms very much.

There are 2 key elements to doing this.  Firstly, picking a trigger’ for your meditation exercise.  Secondly, to practice your chosen meditation exercise or concept when this trigger occurs.  Today we will deal with how best to pick your trigger.

What is a ‘Trigger’ for your meditation exercise?  As mentioned last week, your ‘trigger’ should be something simple that you already do in your daily life.  It could be making a cup of tea, brushing your teeth, riding public transportation or even each time you reach for your phone to play ‘candy crush’.  Pick something that you do at least once but not more than 4 times each day.  Something that will act like a reminder to ‘practice’ your chosen meditation exercise.

What is the importance of a trigger?  The idea is to have a reminder each day that tells you ‘now is your time to practice’ your meditation exercise.  It is important to pick a ‘trigger’ right now, otherwise you will never get started.  You will just continue to think ‘that’s a good idea, I will do that sometime today’ and chances are that you will not actually ever get around to doing it.

So the only question now is…. What is your ‘Trigger’?

Stay tuned next week when I will talk about more options for practicing meditation throughout your day.

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