Meditation Exercise – Awareness of Your Thoughts

A Powerful Exercise for You – Are You Aware of Your Own Thinking?

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Last week I shared more about my teachings on the ‘5 Concepts of Meditation’.  In particular, we took a closer look at the concept of ‘awareness’ and talked about how you practise this concept each and every time you meditate.

It is important to remember that you may not experience this ‘keenly aware mind’ every time (especially if you are at the beginning of your meditation journey), but as you practise more, over time you will reach a ‘hovering point’ where your mind and body are deeply relaxed and yet acutely aware.

This feeling or experience will naturally deepen over time, and like all of the concepts of meditation, you will feel this same ‘acute awareness’ flowing into your daily life.

How is the beneficial to you? 

Simply put, gaining awareness of your mind gives you great power over all aspects of your life.  Most people walk around all day with complete unawareness of their thoughts, allowing their thoughts to control how they feel and ultimately how they experience life.  Lets say you are feeling ‘down’ or in a bad mood.  If you become more aware of your thoughts (that are ultimately creating your bad mood), then you have the power to choose new thoughts – to redirect your mind towards more positive thoughts, which ultimately takes you into a better feeling place.  Without this awareness, you have no choice but to linger in this bad mood.

The key to embedding ‘Awareness’ in you life:

Remember, the key is to practise meditation regularly and to do the simple meditation exercise below on a regular basis.  Otherwise what we are talking about is merely a wonderful theory, knowledge you have gained but don’t use.  Words that you respond to by shaking your head up and down at saying ‘of course that makes sense – I know that’, but you never actually practise it in daily life.  But If you become familiar with this ‘skill’ by actually experiencing it regularly – you will really know it in your heart and it will become part of how you manoeuvre through your daily life.

This is the beauty of all 5 concepts – as you practise them more and more during meditation, they will automatically begin to flow into your daily life.

The Meditation Exercise:

Here is a meditation exercise to try as you walk through your daily life.

  1. Pick a trigger point.  This could be making a cup of tea, brushing your teeth, riding public transportation or even each time you reach for your phone to play ‘candy crush’.  Pick something that you do at least once but not more than 4 times each day.  Something that will act like an reminder to become more Aware.
  2. Then each time this ‘trigger’ occurs, ask the simple but powerful question ‘what am I thinking about right now’.  It gives you a chance to actually monitor your mind – to become more aware of your current state of thinking.
  3. You don’t have to do anything besides heighten your awareness in this moment.  To become more in touch with yourself.  But you can also choose to redirect your mind if you feel it is beneficial.

So do step 1 right now – the key to changing your life is to begin right now.

Next week I will talk about how to pick a trigger and why this is important.

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