Meditation Concepts

Meditation Concept of  ‘Allowing’ 

  meditation concepts

All of my teachings are based on the 5 meditation concepts.

No matter what type of meditation I have practiced (visualization, metta, vipassana, shamatha, dogzen, mindfulness, etc) these concepts are practiced when meditating.

In meditation we practise the concept of allowing instead of forcing a specific outcome or situation to happen.  Whatever arises we allow it to be without judgement. This meditation concept also applies to thoughts that arise during meditation.

Trying to battle thoughts away only gives them more energy and strength. Instead, allow the thought to arise, identify its presence by acknowledging it momentarily, and then gently (but persistently) bring your attention back to the object of meditation.

If you follow this process, you will find that your thoughts gradually disappear with more ease than when you try to push them away.  As with many things, a light touch is more effective than force.

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