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One of the most frequent questions I get about meditation is “Can you recommend a book for beginners?”

I often encourage people to pick up a book authored by my main teacher Alan Wallace as he has a wealth of knowledge and his writing is very captivating. That being said, some beginners have mentioned that they find his books a bit too elaborate for where they are at. And until now, I haven’t found a book that I thought was well suited for a beginner.

I recently picked up a book called ‘Meditation, now or never’ by Steve Hagen. I must confess that I haven’t read the book in its entirety, but what I have read is very simple and clear – exactly what a beginner needs. Although based on Buddhist practices it is non-religious in nature.

I particularly liked the chapter ‘The 3 legs of Meditation Practice’. He cited the following as the 3 foundations for your Meditation practice.

  1. Regularity
  2. Group Meditation
  3. Non-judgement

I agree with his assessment that all three elements are required for a consistent, balanced and insightful meditation practice. He states that all three work together in the same way that a three legged stool needs all three legs to provide support and stability. A very accurate statement.

I purchased the book at the Wellcome Collection bookstore (during the Tibet exhibition), but I am sure it is available elsewhere.

So if you are looking for a book to help you start meditation, maybe give this one a try.

PS – Meditation Classes for Beginners. £15 Taster session on 9 March. If you are feeling like the second foundation is missing for you then feel free to join me for a class in London. You only need to commit to meeting once per month, and you have tools to support you during the month, making it easy to commit and get the support you need. Click here for details (a taster session is one option)


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