Meditation at work – inside or outside of your comfort zone?

There is no doubt that meditation has become more main-stream recently. Even the business world has begun to embrace the positive impact of meditation.

I have seen this in my own personal experience. I have worked in the head offices of two international banks in London, and both have had dedicated contemplation/meditation rooms.

It is interesting to see how colleagues respond to this. Some people embrace the idea and use it regularly, while others are clearly uncomfortable about the idea of ‘stepping back and reflecting’ at work.

So how do you feel? Is combining meditation and work outside of your comfort zone or do you welcome the idea? And a better question is ‘Why do you feel that way?’

One of my former colleagues had an interesting perspective. They felt that something ancient and sacred has been altered into something ‘very corporate’ and therefore had become less genuine.

It is an interesting conversation to have. I too have my concerns. I am concerned that the term ‘mindfulness’ is overused and alone it is not the answer, as it leaves out some very important facets of a deeper meditation practise. And sometimes I feel the most valuable meditation messages are reduced into fancy jargon.

That being said, I still believe the positives outweigh the negatives and I strongly support meditation in any environment has its benefits. It just needs to be genuine.

To me, making meditation more accessible to the masses has the potential to improve how people interact at work (and in their daily lives). Really – how bad can that be?

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