Meditation at work

A Meditation Exercise At Your Desk

Meditation at work

In case you don’t know, like many of you, I work in a corporate environment.  I have practiced the concepts of meditation for 10 years and applying these concepts to my work life has proven extremely valuable.  Meditation at work is possible…

I know what it is like to ‘get caught up’ and stressed out, especially at work.  The most important step in ‘Managing My Stress’ is simply to become aware of that fact that I have become ‘caught up’.  At that point, I can then use the concepts of meditation to help bring me back to my centre again.  And from that point I can deal with virtually anything with more ease. The first step of being more aware comes through regular practice, but today I will share one tool for you to use at work.

Although, there are numerous relaxation methods, the following technique is simple and effective.  I have even done this sitting at my desk at work.  I don’t know about you, but I see people staring aimlessly at their screen all the time… trust me you wont look unusual!  Meditation at work is always possible.

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position with your eyes closed or focused on a single point.  Breathing gently but deeply, take your attention to the tips of your toes.  Slowly scan your body starting with your toes and working your way up to the top of your head.  Take your attention slowly through each part of your body.  Where you notice any areas of tension – momentarily rest your attention on that area – consciously breath into that part and relax, letting the breath dissolve any stress that you feel.

Once you reach the crown of your head, envision any remaining tension draining down your body and eventually out through your feet and into the ground.  Just allow the tension to fall away.  Actually feel the tension being released.  Sit in this relaxed state for a few moments, allowing yourself to just ‘be’.

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