Make Your Commute Good For Your Health

Use Your Commute Wisely – Meditate on your way


The benefits of meditation are wide ranging and are experienced over time. By no means is this a “quick fix” program!  However, there are a number of techniques that can be practiced throughout the day and in moments where you experience stress, pressure and anxiety.

Commuting is a perfect opportunity to practice such techniques.  Whenever you find yourself feeling agitated or annoyed during your commute – step back from the detail of your annoyance and step into the landscape of your mind.  Visualisation is a simple and easy method to transform your emotions.  Choose to use the power of your mind to step into a situation that rejuvenates and uplifts your spirit.

Try taking a hot air balloon ride which could help you gain a new perspective on things; walk through a forest to feel nurtured and secure; or watch a gentle flowing river that carries your worries and fears downstream.  Give it a try!  Remember – only you can choose your thoughts, so choose something positive to revitalize your day!

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