Key Concept of Meditation – Allowing

The Concept Of ‘Allowing’

‘Allowing’ is a key concept used in the practice of meditation.  Essentially this means letting go and allowing things to be as they are rather than trying to control everything.

For example, when a noise that we dislike (ie. someone talking loudly on a phone, road construction outside our door, other peoples loud music) occurs while we are trying to concentrate, our natural tendency is to try and make it stop.  To control it, influence it or manipulate it to be more to our liking.  If we are unable to do this (ie. make the noise stop) we become frustrated or even angry.  What exactly was the purpose of expending this energy?  Have we really achieved anything?  The external has remained the same – the only change that has occurred is internal as we have allowed our inner harmony to be disrupted by something outside of our control.

During meditation the idea is to notice but not engage with such noises.  Although we know the noise exists, we do not waste our energy by getting caught up in that noise.  We do not ask what it is, how long it will last or why it is happening.  This would only serve to destroy our inner balance.  Instead we recognise that we have momentarily been distracted by something external.  Using the power of our mind and an attitude of persistence we bring our focus back to the object of meditation.

We have discussed this concept in detail in the 6 Week Peaceful Sleep and Stress Reduction course.  Try to put this into practice as soon as you can.  Test the power of your mind by trying to use this concept… right now is a good time to start!

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