How to connect to your heart chakra

Cultivate love and compassion by connecting to your heart chakra

Over the last month, in my webinars and classes, we have been looking at the art of connecting to your own stillness through meditation.

Over the next month we will build on this topic by discussing how you can connect to your sense of compassion. This is much more powerful than it may seem at first glance.

These techniques will not only help you to develop compassion for others, but it will also help you cultivate loving kindness towards yourself. In fact, this is the starting point. How can you expect to share love and happiness with others, if you are not confident and happy within yourself?

Learning to ‘Connect to your sense of compassion’ is especially useful if you tend to:

  • be stuck in worry, fear, anger, conflict or loneliness
  • push love away by putting up barriers or isolating yourself instead of reaching out
  • find yourself in conflict in a number of areas of your life

The techniques taught at step 5 will help you to open yourself to giving as well as receiving love. If you feel learning these techniques would be beneficial for you, join me in my next webinar  or foundations class.


PS. If you are curious about chakras, this will be of special interest to you. The techniques I teach at stage 5, help you to connect to your heart chakra. Beginning to experience life at the level of the heart chakra will help you to feel more harmony within as well as connected to the world around you. Click one of these links to join a session: Webinar, Foundations Class.

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