Help Kids Cope With Stress

Meditation to Help Kids Cope with Stress

help kids cope with stress


I read an interesting article in the Huffington Post that I would like to share with you about how meditation helps to relieve stress.   The study they refer to was to help kids cope with stress and it revealed improvements at both at a physical and emotional level.

Although this may seem like a ‘no-brainer’ for those who meditate regularly, I think these kinds of studies are important for those who are a bit hesitant about the benefits of meditation.

A short exert is below, but I encourage you to read the full article and share it with anyone you know who may be suffering with stress or anxiety.  Sometimes sharing something small can prove to be ‘Big’, especially since we are talking about how we can help kids cope with stress.

This particular study was conducted in a low income urban school in the United States. Charles L. Raison, MD, clinical director of the Mind-Body Program at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, found that meditation improved both physical and emotional responses to stress. In the study, people who meditated regularly for six weeks showed less activation of their immune systems and less emotional distress when they were put in a stressful situation.

The article also includes an interview with the principle (head teacher) and some of the students.  Quite an interesting read… I hope you enjoy it and that it is useful for you and your friend.

The Full article can be found here.

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