GB Olympian supports meditation for students

Meditation techniques are helping students to cope with stress.

The team of 85 young students are learning meditation, yoga and other ‘stress busting’ skills to help them prepare for the psychological strains of competing on the international stage (at the EuroSkills 2016 competition).

The sessions included a seminar on the concept of concentration, and how to block out distractions while delivering practical tasks. As a meditator, you know these are two of the wonderful benefits of meditation.

It was great to read a comment from one of the 20 year old competitors, saying “I didn’t really expect to need mental training but after seeing what we’re going into and learning how to deal with it, you do need it,” he said.

Peter Bakare, a former Team GB volleyball Olympian who competed at London 2012, was taking part as one of WorldSkills UK’s performance coaches. He said his experience of competing in the Olympics was “similar” to what young students on the team UK will find at EuroSkills in Abu Dhabi, and that “They need the mindset of a medal-winning champion if they are to succeed.” He believes the mind training and capability will prepare them for what lies ahead.

For more details, read the rest of the article here.


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