Feeling ‘Stuck’? Experience Your Power to Forgive…

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”


Forgiveness can be very difficult for people and the act of forgiveness is sometimes confusing. Forgiveness is NOT about approving of bad behaviour or making excuses for someone. It is also not about dismissing your own feelings of hurt or sadness.

Forgiveness is about breaking down the barriers you have built around your heart. It is about discovering your own capacity to love. It allows you (and others) to be set free from the suffering you are hanging on to. After all, what you do in the present is creating your future. Do you really want bitterness and resentment to drive your future?

I too have felt angry at times. Sometimes I have even wanted to punish someone else for the hurt they have caused. However, when I look more closely at the situation, I realise this is just a foolish game of self-punishment. Is hurting someone else really going to make me feel better? Is repeating the story of hurt over and over in my mind helping me to move on?

You can never experience real joy as long as you are hanging onto bitterness from the past.

Often, when you feel ‘stuck’ in life, there is more forgiving to do. When you have feelings of regret, hurt, anger, blame, resentment or guilt, you are hanging onto something in your past. Forgiveness is your way forward. You may need to begin by forgiving yourself.

The only way to release the past is to be willing to forgive. Even when you don’t think you can forgive or feel you don’t know how to forgive. You only need to start with the willingness to forgive. You only need to forgive as much as you can in this moment and the healing will begin.

Would you like to discover the art of genuine forgiveness? I invite you to join me for a 1 Day Workshop on Saturday 10 June: Restoring Your Balance.


PS. If you would like to know about how meditation can help you to forgive and lead a more love-filled life, but want to talk privately, then contact me on Julie@julie-smith.net or 078 2333 5833. It is always my pleasure to discuss the benefits of meditation.

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