Do you want to let go of your physical tension?

The first step in meditation is discovering how to let go at a physical level.

I remember my main meditation teacher, Alan Wallace, telling me this years ago. He said he knew people who had practised meditation for 15 years and yet never allowed themselves to feel ‘deep relaxation’ while meditating.

This is a vital element, and when you hone this skill, you will feel your meditation deepen.

Contrary to popular thought, meditation is not about ‘shutting off your mind’. It is more about focusing on an object so intently that you become one with it. Getting to a point where you are comfortable with all the distractions and can allow them to just fall away.

When people try to do this they often find themselves ‘bearing down’, and trying so hard that they become physically tense in the process.

But to get the most out of meditation you need to find the wonderful balance between focusing intently and relaxing deeply.

And doesn’t this just mirror life? I mean haven’t you felt that way at a job interview, or when trying to write something, or even in a relationship? You have to let go of ‘forcing it happen’ (or trying to make it a certain way) and just allow it to come. It is only when you are striking this fine balance of effort and ease, ‘in the flow’ so to speak, that it all happens.

Imagine yourself being able to go with the flow in any circumstance life brings. This is the power that meditation will bring to you. And once you learn this skill, you can use it every day in your life. Literally, in every situation you encounter.

So start here – learn to let go at a physical level simply by using the power of your mind.


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