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Do you ever contemplate the link between time, space & consciousness?

I am happy to tell you about an upcoming lecture by Alan Wallace and Bernard Carr that will be taking place in London on Saturday 2 July. I am on the board for the charity CCN and we, along with the Scientific and Medical network are sponsoring this exciting event.

Alan is my main meditation teacher. He was a Buddhist monk for 14 years, having the Dalai Lama as his Root Lama (main teacher in Tibetan Buddhism). He has strong links to science and philosophy studying at Stanford University. He brings 45 years of practising various forms of meditation, which allows him not only to discuss the theory of meditation and consciousness but also to discuss these topics from an experiential point of view.

He will be speaking with world renowned author and professor of mathematics and astronomy, Bernard Carr. Bernard studied at Cambridge University under Stephen Hawking researching the anthropic principle. He is also very interested in the role of consciousness and how this links to science.

Their distinctive yet related professional experience and interests will provide a unique and thought provoking discussion on the topics of science and consciousness.   You can look forward to a discussion that links matter and mind, science and religion, as well as Buddhism and modern cosmology.

If you would like to learn more or register to attend this fascinating talk just click here: Alan Wallance & Bernard Carr – A Talk on Space, Time and Consciousness.

PS – The next Beginners Meditation Class will be held on Wednesday 13 March. You can join the Taster session for just £15. At the moment, 8 people have registered and paid, so 4 spaces are left. Click here for all the details and book your ‘Taster Session’ (for just £15).

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