Colouring Meditation

Colouring Meditation

 colouring meditation

Have you ever tried colouring as a form of meditation?

I am fascinated by how many adult colouring books I have seen in shops recently.  Clearly colouring is not limited to just children anymore… and after reading this article I can see why.

Mike Mealias` meditation comics are known for helping people touch their inner calmness, and now he has created his first adult colouring book called “One year wiser”.

Many people find colouring a very relaxing activity and say it gives them an opportunity to practice mindfulness.  Thus, it can be called colouring meditation.  I recently tried it myself and found it helped me come completely into the present moment.  In this article he discusses how colouring can help you to become more focused as well as relaxed.  And from my experience, I completely agree.

His colouring meditation book also uses mantras and thought provoking quotes to inspire you as you relax into the colouring process.  Although I haven’t bought the book, I do find it very intriguing and am tempted by the thought (to my surprise).

In this Huffington Post article he also shares what meditation has meant in his life.  If you feel your mind is full of endless thoughts then you will be able to relate to his experiences.

Click here to read the Huffington Post article and find out more about his new Weekly “One Year Wiser” Colouring book with quotes and animations.  Give colouring meditation a try!

Until Next Week… Happy Meditating

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