1 Day Workshop: Shifting from Chaos to Calm

Imagine yourself walking calmly through the chaos around you.  Imagine yourself responding to challenges and opportunities with grace and ease.  What does that image look like for you? What do you see, what do you hear, who is around you?  Take a moment and discover how this feels.

At this workshop, you will discover how to find your centre so you can be the calm amidst the chaos.

When you are centred, you can respond (versus react) to life and always be at your best.

Discover how to find your centre in any situation

When you discover how to find your centre, no matter what your circumstances are, you will be able to let go of stress with ease.  From this centre point you won’t need to try to find clarity, happiness, focus or more energy – it will find you.

If you have tried meditation even once, then you recognise just how much Your Mind manages You. Would you like to turn that around?

Would you like to discover how to transform your experience of stress so you can ‘Respond’ rather than ‘React’ to life?  You can find the stillness within you and be the calm amid the chaos… no matter how hectic your environment is.

There are simple but power meditations that will help you rewire your brain chemistry so you can unplug from your daily grind and re-center anytime you want.

You will leave this 1 day Event feeling lighter, relaxed, rejuvenated and full of vitality.

Better yet – this retreat will set you up for success by showing you how to integrate simple meditation techniques into your daily life so that you continue to experience this sense of calmness on a long term basis. You will undergo a lasting transformation and learn techniques specific to managing stress.

“The most effective way to reduce stress is to learn to meditate and practice it regularly”
Candace Pert – Neuroscientist and Author of the Bestseller ‘Molecules of Emotion’

Who should attend:

  • Beginners: You will learn how to ‘let go’ of stress and experience a deep sense of relaxation coupled with vivid awareness.  You will learn the foundations of meditation and specific techniques you can use to re-centre anytime you want (even at work).
  • Experienced meditators: This is an opportunity for you to continue your journey, uncovering more layers and letting go at a deeper level.  You will rediscover the basics as well as new techniques to re-centre yourself.

Experience a lasting transformation:

You will leave the event with:

  • The motivation, confidence, knowledge and support to continue meditating on your own
  • Specific techniques that help you break the cycle of feeling stress, overwhelm and chaos
  • Practical techniques to help you re-centre anytime, anywhere – even in your workplace
  • Ongoing support so you can continue an effective practice (join interactive online classes)

Students often experience a deep sense of release at this event.  You will leave this event feeling lighter, relaxed, rejuvenated and full of vitality. 

What’s Included and Price:



Group Meditation Sessions
6 hours of teachings, guided meditations, questions, sharing
Light Snacks and Refreshments
includes selection of hot drinks, fresh fruit, biscuits
Bonus 1:
Two Guided Meditations 
(Audio MP3’s) to support you after the retreat
Bonus 2:
Online Classes (2 months free: Dec & Jan)
invitation to the monthly online class for ongoing support
Total Value £233
Early Bird Price (save 25%) £175
Deposit of only £90 to hold your place

Event Details:

Violet Hill Studios, 6 Violet Hill, NW8 9EB, St. Johns Wood, London
Stations: St. Johns Wood (Jubilee) 8 minute walk or Maida Vale (Bakerloo) 4 minute walk
Parking available on weekends

Saturday 24 February, 2018 at 10:30am – 5:30pm


To hold your place please make a deposit of £90.  I try to work with a small group to help you have a deeper meditation experience on the day, so I do suggest you book your place as soon as possible.

1 Day Workshop