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Exploring Your Chakras – Free Guided Meditation

Chakra Meditation







Using Chakra Meditations can help you to:

  • Release emotional baggage that is holding you back in life
  • Improve the flow of energy through your body leading to improved health
  • Tune-in and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

The topic of Chakra Meditation is a vast area that cannot be covered in one sitting – that is why I have day events and retreats to help people explore this area at a deeper and more profound level.  But you do need to start somewhere – so let’s get you started right now.

The chakra meditation below, is the fundamental starting point for discovering your chakras.  It will help you to tune-in to your body and understand where possible blockages are.  This is the first stepping stone on your journey to exploring your chakras.

I recommend that you use the guided meditation below 2 times per week over the next 2 weeks.  And if this meditation resonates with you, then come to the next day event on ‘Emotional Balance’ where you learn to tune-in to certain chakra points to balance your emotional state.  Just contact me on to discuss the details.

So take step 1 and  ‘get started’ on you journey to exploring your chakras right now.

Click here to download your Free Guided Meditation ‘Exploring Your Chakras’

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