Chakra Meditations – take your first step

Chakra Meditations – Take Your First Step

Chakra Meditations

Join me at ‘International Yoga Day’ on 21 June at Alexander Palace, London to experience Chakra Meditation using the power of Sound.

Balancing your chakras enhances overall wellbeing and helps you release accumulated stress and emotional blockages.  You may have experienced this through various exercises like Yoga or Qigong or perhaps Reiki.  Now you can simplify this by practicing chakra meditation.

If you have practiced Kundalini yoga then you wont want to miss this session!

But not to worry if you are a beginner or an ‘old hat,’ as I will give you a brief explanation of what your chakras are and guide you through a simple Chakra meditation using the power of sound.

Do arrive early, as I will be taking the stage at 9:30am to teach a session on Chakra Meditations.

For more details visit the International Yoga Day Website


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