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Brain scans show meditation improves your mental focus

For the past few weeks I have been writing about and teaching how meditation can improve your mental focus and clarity. A clear mind was one of the first effects I noticed when I started to meditate, and many of my students and meditation colleagues have reported the same outcome. Science also supports our experiences. […]

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Meditation Book Recommended (and Beginners Classes)

  One of the most frequent questions I get about meditation is “Can you recommend a book for beginners?” I often encourage people to pick up a book authored by my main teacher Alan Wallace as he has a wealth of knowledge and his writing is very captivating. That being said, some beginners have mentioned […]

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Transform Your Meditation Posture

 Have you ever experienced discomfort while meditating?   Finding a comfortable position while meditating is important, especially when you are practicing for long periods of time. Of course, uncomfortable feelings will arise no matter what position you choose, but it is important to limit the distraction of physical discomfort and take care that your meditation […]

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