Can You Train Yourself to Stop Stressing Out?

Learn to De-Stress… You can do it!

I was initially attracted to meditation, because I wanted to be more grounded, stable and balanced. I was the type of person that was always ‘in my mind’, forever bombarded by thoughts and the need to be busy. Oh yes, I was certainly addicted to being busy.

Many people will say, “Julie you still are a ‘busy’ person”. I work in the corporate sector, teach meditation weekly, run my business, am on the board of a charity, exercise and practise yoga regularly (among other things). That being said I also meditate for at least 45 minutes and take time for spiritual reflection every day. Trust me, you can be active, yet walk calmly through the chaos around you.

One of the key differences is that before, I ‘needed’ to be busy. I was anxious when I sat still. Now, I feel blessed when opportunities arise for a quiet moment. I feel active rather than busy, and when I am present with what I am doing, I put more love into what I do. I hope you can see the subtle but important difference between the two. It is purely a shift in mental state and where you put your energy. The first drains you and makes you feel stressed, whereas the second uplifts and energises you. Meditation has helped me enormously in this way.

The key to achieving this is what I teach in Step 4: Connect To Your Stillness (the fourth step in my 5 step programme).

It is difficult to find words to describe what you begin to experience but for me ‘inner stillness’ is the most accurate word available. Some students describe it as inner peace, the essence of who they really are, or a calmness within. Whatever words you put to it, training yourself to access this ‘still space’ within you can profoundly change your life.

Meditation is a great tool for re-tuning yourself, retraining your mind to pay attention and find that inner stillness again.

The stillness within is always there for you, but somehow you have learned to tune it out. Once you learn to connect to your stillness (and be comfortable in that space), you realise there is never really any reason to be anxious, worried or stressed.

Is it really that simple you ask? Yes, in fact it is just that simple.

PS. I will be talking and teaching more about this topic over the coming weeks (in my webinar and classes). And trust me, you can do it! If you would like to experience this yourself you can sign up for my meditation webinar. Register, Meditation Webinar on Tuesday 17 May at 7:15pm (Step 4: Connect To Your Stillness).

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